ColdMechanics Games

ColdMechanics is a small indie game studio based in Canada. Our target is to produce software to the best of our knowledge and capacity. We hope that passion will be noticeable within our games and plug-ins.

One of our primary focus is on our community, so every project we do can be tracked on the web. You want to learn more, then look at the Follow Us section of the About web page.

The studio has produced in the last year a game and a Unity plug-in that can be both found on our Unity Assets and Games web pages.


Latest news

August & September Studio Update

Oct 15, 2019

August was my vacation month, so I don’t do a lot of work. But September was really interesting and there is what happens.


  • The News section is now way faster to load news for the first time.
  • The website code has been cleaned, and some old sections were deleted. So now the website is smaller, so faster to load.


Someone new joins the studio and an old member came back! I will give more details on that in another article later this month.

Zeppelin Commander

  • The project has been revived!
  • We updated our vision of the game. Even at the moment, we are still working on that vision and trying to have a more complete one before we start programming for it.


In the last months, we decided to revive the “Zeppelin commander” project and some new member joins the team. It will be really interesting in the future to see how this new project will bloom with new partners.


July Studio Update

Aug 11, 2019


Nothing new here, I did one or two minor fixes on the new theme, but that's all.

Studio Update

I'm planning the next game, and I will soon start looking for teammates.

Panel DC


My plan for the last month was to take a vacation, and instead of doing it, I decided to fine-tune the game and to fix the previously known bugs. I still have a plan to take a vacation month. It will just be a little later than I initially planned.