ColdMechanics Games

ColdMechanics is a new indie game studio composed of some friends who want to develop video games for fun. We target to produce games to the best of our knowledge and capacity, and we hope that our passion will be noticeable in our games.

We also want to focus on our community, so every project we do can be tracked on the web. You want to learn more, then look at the Follow Us section of the about web page.

Currently, we do not have any games on our resume, but we are working on a new game that will, we hope, be the first of many others. More information about our projects is available on the game web page.


Latest news

April Studio Update

May 13, 2019

Here, during the April month, it was the return of some warmer temperature, so I had to accomplish a lot of work around the house that keeps me away from putting several hours on the ColdMechanics projects. But I still perform some work, and the game is going toward completion.

Panel DC

  • I run some playtesting sessions with my friends to fine tune the gameplay and discover some of the remaining bugs.
  • I wrote the outro and the intro of the game.
  • I added the last foundable game item.
  • Finally, I prepared the game publication on Steam. Spoiler, there will be some Steam achievements!


I don't have as much time that I wished to work on the game during the last month. But the game is almost done so it may be released soon.

Yes, I say that since at least the last four months, but it still wishes that I will complete it soon.


March Studio Update

Apr 10, 2019

The March month pass like a flash. I was mainly working on the game The Panel DC, and I start planning the next project. This new game will be something that can be completed way faster than the current one.

The Website

  • Some bug fixes, update and maintenance.
  • I did some work to changes the website theme. I try to make it look more professional and complete. Major changes will be published soon.

The Panel DC

  • Add a distributor module to the panel.
  • Add a Simon's Says mini-game.
  • Add three more puzzles.
  • New in-game UI to simplify the in-game navigation.
  • Add more beer...


I still have some work to do on the game The Panel DC, and I will release the third and last Beta soon to my testers. After I will fix the remaining bugs, add the final sections and release it!