Our Company in Some Words

ColdMechanics is a new indie game developer composed of a small team of developers, artists and writers who want to set their mark on the game industries by working on games during their free time. Then we produce games in a slower pace than the full-time studio, but we put more time overall in the process to think what we are doing, not rushing the result and then produce a result of better quality at release.

Also, the fact is that currently, the team is not composed of professional game industry employee that knows the pitfall and the patterns. We are enthusiasts that discovers trap as they happen. That we may make some stupid error, but over time we will fix them and learn from experience. This lack of knowledge will also make us do stuff differently, and we may not reproduce errors and harmful practice that the game industry is doing right now.

Finally, ColdMechanics team is learning from his current experience, primary job and internet podcast about the subject. We are keeping the game development fun and friendly, and we hope this will transpire through our games.

Have fun through development to play!

Who we are

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Alexandre Beaudoin

In ColdMechanics, he is a game designer, web programmer, game programmer and game studio founder.

Alexandre is the one who made the project go forward. A web programmer of professions, he is our webmaster. He's also the game designer on our current plans and works even on the game programming, assets drawing and level design.

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Felix Vallière Goulet

In ColdMechanics, he is a game programmer, community manager and game studio founder.

With interest on a billion different things, Felix can prove himself very helpful. A programmer of professions, he is the community manager and works on the game programming. He also helps with many of the projects parts from the sound to the asset design.

Notes from Alexandre: He doesn't provide me his picture when I ask him, so I put this Lemur picture at the place. Don't worry. He's probably not a Lemur...

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