The Panel

The Panel

The Panel is a first person static puzzle game, where the player is trying to steal a zeppelin to save this life by escaping. Using a panel in the zeppelin, the player try to start it by accomplishing some puzzle.

  • Project announcement: October 2017
  • Release date: N.A.
  • Platforms: WebGL
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Rating: Teen
You cannot buy this game... but you can play it on this page! Look at the bottom of it.


The player and one of his friend were trying to escape as soon as possible to escape their country by trying to reactivate an old zeppelin factory. The player try to understand how the panel in front of him working while his friend try to help from the factory floor. The player is interacting with the panel, uncovering mysterious controls and puzzles.

High concept

The Panel sets the player in front of a control panel, where he/she have to found how to use it by interacting with different elements. While accomplishing a main story line the player accomplish the game.

Technical details

  • Single player
  • Pixel Art
  • Puzzle
  • Requirements
    - WebGL supporting browser