October Studio Update

During October, a part of the team was on vacation (from our main job), so we were able to accomplish more than usual.


  • Update the Angular version to the latest 8 released.
  • Fix some UI glitch on low DPI monitors.


  • Many members were in formations to improve some of their skills.
  • We release a new version of the Unity plugin “2D Pixel Grid”. It’s now “2D Pixel Perfect Position”, this name is more representative of the real tool utility. In this new tool version, we also add support for the latest Unity 2019 versions (2019.2 and also the 2019.3-beta).

Zeppelin Commander

  • Work in progress:
    • Preliminary work on the Player Navigation AI.
    • Preliminary work on the inventory system.
    • Many assets needed for the tutorial ship drew.
    • In-game window system.
    • Work on the game design document (GDD).
  • Many conception meetings.


Next month, the Studio Update article will contain even more exciting news.
Here in Canada, November is cold and dull, then much of our free time will be put on the ColdMechanics projects.