October Studio Report

October was a very productive month for the ColdMechanics team, so here’s a summary.

The website

  • Updated to version 5 of Angular. To do this, we have rewritten the module to communicate with our API.
  • We modified the UI of the About page. We now show on the picture of each member and icons representing his position in our studio.
  • Corrections of various errors.

The game: The Panel

  • After several meetings, we agreed on the purpose of the game and the type of puzzle that we will include.
  • We decided on the introduction and conclusion of the game.
  • We are still trying to get along on the main stage of the game. We are not succeeding in reaching a consensus for the environment around the panel at the moment.

The Studio

  • We lost two members this month. Their involvement was insufficient, and their vision of the game was not that of the studio. So we came to a common conclusion that we had to separate from it. However, do not worry, this doesn't impact the studio velocity. Even as we write this article in mid-November, the speed of the team increased compared to October.

To Come Up

I will start writing these articles every month. I think it could be attractive to many people and to allow team members to have a vision of our progress. Initially, I thought to do it every week, maybe I’ll do it in the future, but for now, once a month seems to be enough.