November Studio Report

November wasn’t a productive month for us. Some of our members have life events that retain them from working on the studio elements. This slowdown has repercussion on the other team members that start working on studio tooling and follow online courses.

The website

  • We rewrite the back-end code that provisioning news and game information.
  • We add two news categories: studio and update. Also, now, on the news banner, the type is displayed.

The game: The Panel

  • We start working on the game menu.
  • We do some music exploration. We tried some musical instruments and decided which fit best the game ambiance we want to provide.
  • Puzzles design, we now have “the main route” planned.
  • We now have the 3rd version of the main story.

The studio

  • We were working for some time on a tool to simplify news deployment on the website. This tool is now working and is available internally.
  • We do some management items, like cleaning our Trello boards, updating our “The Panel” game “Game Design Document” content and more.
  • Some of us start following online courses.


That resume last month work in our studio. The life events make two of our members so occupied that they can't work on the studio projects. The lack of time has impacted the game advancement, but help the studio side because some of us start completing management tasks.

For the next month, we will see what happens and wish that instead of being 30% efficient on a possible productive aspect, we will rise.