December Studio Report

December was a month of festivities. So by effect, this month was not a productive one for the studio. The Christmas and New Year party (and after-parties) have taken much of our time.

The website

  • We make the website SEO reachable, now Google, Yahoo, and others can scan its content.
  • We optimize our assets. Some of them are now ten times smaller than before, and this makes the website load way faster.

The game: The Panel

  • We start playing with Unity, and now the Splash screen and a preliminary version of the menu are created.

The studio

  • I start following an online course on Unity 2D Game Development for mobiles. Some of the techniques I learn in it will be useful for my work.
  • We start working on the Technical Design Document. This document will contain the scene assets, naming convention, overall the information on how to work on the project as a team.


That resume the work is done in December. Happy year 2018!