January Studio Report

January was an exciting month. We finally start to get some traction and begin to produce content as a team. New year’s resolution for the win!

The website

  • We fix the error pages. Now, if you ever encounter one, it will at least display correctly.
  • We update the library’s use on the website to their latest versions.
  • We clean up the website source code and assets.
  • The news pages have a new look. The theme is now easier to read and more like the rest of the website. We update the Games pages theme, but it still some more work to be done there.
  • Some back-end changes were also made, this will allow us to be more flexible with our web hosting in the (near) future.

The game: The Panel

  • Some work has been done on the game splash screen and menu in Unity.
  • Some work has been done in creating the panel room (the main game level). Some of the concept arts are ready, we start drawing them into our drawing software, and we will soon begin the level creation in Unity.
  • We now have a pretty good prototype of the game menu soundtrack.
  • We start testing and compile the game for the Android platform. Now we can build it for PC and Android. The other platform will come over time.

The studio

  • A special mention, Felix has now started to draw some assets. In a month, he learns how to use the drawing tool, he acquires a pen tablet, and he starts working on making assets.
  • We revive our Trello board and do some more internal management. We have to make the team back on the right track. And this month we move in that way.


During January, we have worked to make the team back on track, and it seems to work well. We are starting to have a playable preliminary and minimal version of “The Panel”, and it’s great that the team is beginning to work together.