February Studio Report

February was a great month for the ColdMechanics team. We realize much work during that month, and there is a summary.

The website

  • We move the website web hosting to a pre-rendering server. Overall, that will allow us to appear on Google, and the first access to the server will be faster.
  • We split the website rendering and website file hosting between two servers. That separation will break the load and will also make the website more quickly.

The game: The Panel

  • Our artist is on fire! Now we have many assets we can start using for the game. Also, many concept arts for the second one!
  • Our sound artists start working on the game ambiance. He is also continuing fine-tuning the songs he already made for the game.
  • On the programming side, we integrate all of the assets, and we completed the basic functionality of each module.
  • We finally make our idea of what is the main game story — more information on those results in the next section.

The studio

  • We finally have a reunion in person, all the team together for a whole day. During this time, we make many decisions about the game The Panel and split the job for it.
  • Alexandre and Felix start learning how to draw pixel art like pros (like our artist). We are starting from really far in that matter, so it may take time before we begin to produce game-ready assets.


February was an excellent month. We were starting to take momentum. Our work quantity and quality produced beginning to look great. We are going towards a working preview and will be able to begin our private testing session soon.