March Studio Report


This month has been pretty smooth for the work on the site. Alex changed some configuration on how we host it on the server-side. Those changes make it a bit faster and apply some changes to have a better score with the Google Chrome Audit tool.

Overall, we made many changes for the mobile users, now:

  • The website loads faster.
  • The downloaded elements are now smaller. We optimize the pictures and the stylesheet.
  • Using Google Chrome on a mobile device, the chrome top bar will change colour when navigating on the website.
  • On mobile devices, adding a shortcut to the site will make the website load like an application.

The Game: The Panel

  • We made significant decisions for the game We chose only to complete the minimum amount of work needed to finish the game and decided we won't release it. This project had one purpose, and it was to allow us to train and work together. Exploring technologies and methodologies was beneficial. Because it took more time expected to finish, we decided to de-scope a lot of the features that we initially planned. That way, we could shift our focus towards a new and more exciting project.
  • Programming: Alex and FĂ©lix finished the first milestone. During a weekend, they imported all elements into the game and implemented the first puzzle route.
  • Music and sound: RP finalized (mixing, mastering) the two songs used in the game.
  • Art and assets: Ben continued to work on the different assets of the game and finished the first set of assets for one of the routes. By April, we should draw the rest of the primary assets!

The Studio

  • We ran an internal survey to improve how we work as a team. We detected many points we need to develop and what we do well. I will not give much more details about this, but internally, we now know much better what we need to improve to work together as a team.


This month has not been the most productive overall, but we took the needed time to improve how we work as a team, which will benefit in the long run.

Also, our productivity took an arrow in the knee due to the release of Sea of Thieves! Yarrrr!