May Studio Report


  • Upgrade to Angular 6.
  • Now news preview on Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Discord, Telegram and others display better and faster. Also, the description is more relevant.
  • Update many frameworks and tools used by the website to their latest version.

The Studio

  • We have another “in real life” meeting. This time, to make decisions about our next team project. After that meeting, we have made decisions on the next project we will accomplish. It is too soon right now to give more information on this project, but we will release some shortly.
  • We also host a remote reunion two weeks after the “in real life” one. The time let us clarify the concept (yes, I’m still teasing).
  • The new tools were put in place to help the team works together. Everyone now has the full set of tools to be able to accomplish all the steps of his work. For example, our artist can now import directly into Unity the assets he draws, without having to wait after a programmer. Also, any team member will be able to compile the latest version of the video game on his computer and have the view of the work going forward.

The Panel DC

  • The game has lagged behind the initial schedule. I have to put a lot of my time on the new team project, so this side project takes the hit. I had found the time to work on the art and the programming a little bit.
  • I had imported all the essential assets in the game. I add some of the “nice to have” ones and the single root ones. Many of these assets also have the necessary coding behind to allow interaction with them.
  • I found some cool plugins to speed up my work with Unity and also two sounds and music asset packages. That way, I will not have to learn and equip myself to do it. Also, a 2D grid alignment tool that makes pixel art in Unity way easier.
  • I start creating some test scenes to check how will interact's some part of the puzzle.


May was mainly a month of setup and decision to take for the next team project.

Next month will be for some of us a less productive one. One of our team members will move to his first house! Also, vacations are coming, so we expect a work quantity drop.