June Studio Report

This last month can be resumed pretty easily… summer! Because it was awesome outside, we decide to take some vacation (from our other hobbies than our real work). So this report will be really short.


The Studio

  • We work together a whole day! And not more… So we make really little progress on our new game. Some code review was done, the player can now walk, the game documents were reviewed and bonify and a sprite has been drawn.

The Panel DC

  • The first puzzle is nearly done. It may seem’s little, but it as requires some rework on the code I already write.
  • The first five puzzles are implemented and just need to be programmed.
  • A flaw has been detected on the way I use animation on the camera while trying to be pixel perfect. Overall they don’t work well together and I will need to change how all the menu working.


Overall, not that much has been accomplished, we don’t know if the July month will be better. But since some of us working by 'hours banking', they will have more hours to put on the project the following months.