July Studio Report

The Studio

  • Alexandre and Felix are starting to work on a new/old project. We revived the Zeppelin Commander game. We start drawing and coding and currently, it’s going well. We are, after a month of work, way more advanced than the CodeB project was.
  • The CodeB isn’t going well We did not put much work on this project during the last two months.

The Panel DC

  • The Menu scene has been changed to fix the flaw spotted last month.
  • Since Unity 2018.2 now support the PixelPerfect camera, I replace the custom one by this new official (and still preview) version. Once tuned up, it gives a more consistent and exciting result.
  • I start adding music and sound effects.
  • I created an icon for the game.
  • Add more puzzle elements.


This month was way more efficient than the last one. We still don’t know what is going on with our official artist (he disappeared over the previous two months). Still, the work on the Alex and Felix side is going well.