August Studio Report


  • I go all around the site, chasing all the typos I can find with a new spelling corrector tool. So I go around all the articles that we published, correcting grammar errors and also page content. The number of spelling errors has dropped by quite a bit.
  • I start working on a new website section for a new product I'm producing. This section will be available on the website once the item is available to purchase, which should not be in a long time.

The Studio

  • Felix and I have worked some evenings together for many hours, also every day to improve the Zeppelin Commander game. We were now having multiple assets and the code for movement, playing music and catching user input is being practically done.
  • We still don't have news from our artist, Ben.

The Panel DC

  • I added more sounds when the player is interacting with the puzzle elements.
  • I am tweaking the game object's animations, positions, and trigger zones.
  • Puzzle elements are now starting to communicate with each other.


Overall, August was a pretty productive month. More than the previous one, but certainly less the next one. Some exciting elements are to come for the month of September.