October Studio Report


  • Updated the Angular library to version 7.
  • Some work has been done to reduce the downtime of our backend server. It has happened on multiple occasions that our website goes down, and I only catch that someday after. Now the web hosting server restarts once the system goes back up.

The Studio

On the studio side, nothing special happened last month.

The Panel DC

  • Added a mechanism (key and button) to highlight the elements that can be interacted by the player.
  • Save games mechanism (create, delete, duplicate) was programmed.
  • Added auto-save function.
  • Added logbook to help the player retrace the path (s)he accomplished.
  • Finalized the assets drawing.
  • Added an in-game Options Menu to change the resolution and set the game to/out full screen.

Some work still has to be done, including some assets, some puzzle path and the Mobile build. The game is going well and will be released somewhere between the end of November or the second week of December.


Most of the last month's work was about completing the video game “The Panel DC”. It's going well and will be released soon. Also, we put some work on the website, but nothing that can be apparent to the visitors.