November Studio Update

Much of the work this last month has been on updating the "2D Simple Grid" Unity Plugin and on a new sound management system. Details on this and more follow.


  • We left Benjamin, our graphic artist. Since we don't have any communication with him since June, we finally officialize that he will no more be part of the team.
  • We updated the "2D Simple Grid" Unity plugin. The usage has been simplified a lot by removing the need to specify the camera to draw the grid. It's now rendered everywhere on the scene view. The new version will appear on the Unity Asset store soon.

The Panel DC:

  • I rewrote the sound management code. The last one I use has some flaws that were causing memory leaks.
  • I change how the shadow renders on-screen. It's technical, but the game now uses masks to hide a shadow and them, fake a light source. The shadow around the artificial light source comes from a pre-generated picture. This new system will allow more light effects, like moving light sources and multi-layer effects.
  • The Panel DC is on the last turn! I'm working on fine-tuning the game. The holiday vacation may give me enough time to complete it.


Last month, we mainly focused on finalizing the existing parts of the game and working on the Unity plugin. December and the holiday time will allow me to put more time on the video game "The Panel DC", and I must be able to release it before the end of the month.