December Studio Update

During the half of the December month, I was on vacation. I had the time to work a lot on the ColdMechanics items. There is a list of some of the work accomplished.


  • I change the backend server for a more reliable one. The old one was crashing too often for infrastructure reasons, so we change the hosting provider.
  • The backend code was updated and optimized to use less RAM and disk space. The web server was using 90Mo of RAM, 10Mo of disk space, and now uses 66Mo of RAM, 7Mo of disk space and logs fewer errors. The website can literally run on a potato, as long as it was a reliable one.


  • Felix has decided to give a pause on the ColdMechanics initiative. He will be out of the project for some time.
  • I worked on released the updated version of the "2D Simple Grid" Unity plugin. Unity approved the last version and is available on their website since January 3rd.

The Panel DC

  • I fix many bugs and logic errors.
  • Four more puzzle routes have been implemented.
  • I add an input system, and now the saved game can have a name.
  • I integrated the save, item, input and sound systems together.