January Studio Update

During that last month, my main focus was upon completing the "The Panel DC" game. All the work I did was around it. So this report will contain mostly information about that work.

The Studio

  • Since Google+ will soon be close, we start closing our page. All articles we wrote on that platform will be unlink soon, and we will modify the website to remove all links to it.

The Panel DC

  • I complete the game completion system.
  • Many bugs and logic fixes.
  • First beta testing wave. This allows me to discover some flaws and unclear sections.
  • I'm currently working on the second wave of beta testing, it will contain more puzzle and be open to more people.


Overall, the game "The Panel DC" is going well, but it takes a lot more time than I originally planned to complete it. I plan to have 3 beta phases, so it may be released by the end of February or the middle of March.