March Studio Update

The March month pass like a flash. I was mainly working on the game The Panel DC, and I start planning the next project. This new game will be something that can be completed way faster than the current one.

The Website

  • Some bug fixes, update and maintenance.
  • I did some work to changes the website theme. I try to make it look more professional and complete. Significant changes will be published soon.

The Panel DC

  • Add a distributor module to the panel.
  • Add a Simon's Says mini-game.
  • Add three more puzzles.
  • I did a new in-game UI to simplify the in-game navigation.
  • Add more beer...


I still have some work to do on the game The Panel DC, and I will release the third and last Beta soon to my testers. After I will fix the remaining bugs, add the final sections and publish it!