April Studio Update

Here, during the April month, it was the return of some warmer temperature, so I had to accomplish a lot of work around the house that keeps me away from putting several hours on the ColdMechanics projects. But I still perform some work, and the game is going toward completion.

Panel DC

  • I run some playtesting sessions with my friends to fine-tune the gameplay and discover some of the remaining bugs.
  • I wrote the outro and the intro of the game.
  • I added the last foundable game item.
  • Finally, I prepared the game publication on Steam. Spoiler, there will be some Steam achievements!


I don't have as much time that I wished to work on the game during the last month. But the game is almost done so it may be released soon.

Yes, I say that for at least the last four months, but it still wishes that I will complete it soon.