June Studio Update


  • Fix visual bugs caused by the new theme.
  • Accelerate the user picture download.

Panel DC

  • The game was officially released. See the article on this event here.
  • Release of the patch 1.01 to fix some bugs and add some functionality. More details here.

What Is Next

  • The patch 1.02 will be released soon, fixing more bugs, polishing some sections and will come with some requested features. As initially planned, this may be the last game patch adding functionality and polishing the game. Maybe some other patches fixing bugs will be published, but the project is now in the state I want, and I will move on to another project.
  • I add a puzzle hint guide to help the stuck players and explain the logic behind the puzzles. It will take the form of a Steam Guide.


For the next month, I will take a break on the development side. I will use my free time to follow some tutorials and also try to learn how to draw.