May Studio Update

May was one of my best productive months. I work on the graphic theme of the website and how it is hosted. I also work on the game and on its publishing.


  • The site as now a new darker theme, the primary colour is now a black instead of a pale gray.
  • I update the website content. The release date of The Panel DC is now the real one. Also, the section “Who we are” is now “Who am I” to represent the current company state.
  • I change how the website is hosted and deployed, so I can update it easier and faster.

The Panel DC

  • The Steam page is ready and available here:
  • The Intro is complete, as the Steam integration. The game can also be played from the start to the end.
  • The video game is not finished yet. I still need to draw some outro pictures and correct some puzzle edge cases. The Panel DC will be completed by June 17.
  • The trailer is also available here:
  • The video game will be available for purchase, the June 25!


It’s the last turn for The Panel DC, and now the goal is visible. I just need to finish the final details, and the game will finally be complete.