February Studio Update


  • We had updated the website code to the latest major version Angular. This new release adds the ability to pre-render the site and then use a static website hosting provider, which is way cheaper, simple and easy.
  • We switched for a new picture format that decreases the size of the images by a lot (2-3x smaller in some cases).

Zeppelin Commander

  • We improved the ship movement algorithm. Now the ship turns in the direction it's moving. Also, we hit the obstacles less often in the test scene.
  • We had started implementing the trading system.
  • We added new placeholder assets to be able to start creating the ships and modules.


  • Many circumstances have prevented us from meeting with each other, so nothing new here for this section.


This past month, we mainly work each on our own. We had worked on the game, but we did nothing studio's side.

From the time of writing this article (in March), we already meet each other many times. So the next month news article will be very different from this one.