December Studio Update

The month of December was an excellent month. We put a lot of time on the projects during the vacations.


  • Fix the colour of the favicon and the logo on the about page.
  • We created a webpage for a new Unity asset we release.

Zeppelin Commander

  • Reunions to work on GDD.


  • Deployment of a new version of the Unity asset "2D Pixel Perfect Position," fixing some error in the documentation and text menu.
  • We submitted a new Unity asset named Async Sound Manager. This asset helps manage the usage of the AudioSources used in a game.
  • Publish of a new version of the game The Panel DC, fixing a bug with the Simon Says and updating so of the internal modules.
  • Update the assets and data of some online profiles.
  • We follow a Unity formation to put the team members on the same basic level.


Using the holiday season vacations, we were able to put more time than usual to work on the studio elements.
The work done during that month will help us concentrate more on the Zeppelin commander game.