We Cancel “The Panel”

In the March studio news, we have mentioned that we will stop the game project “The Panel” once we reach the goal of it to be at a minimum working status. We have concluded that goal in April.

The History Behind This News

This project has stalled many months because, as a team, we were not that motivated to work on it. Most of the members found that project less exciting and just don’t put much effort into it, and that affects the others. This lack of motivation stuck that project in mud, and it’s the reason why we decide to abandon it.

Before just throwing it away, because of the amount of time we put on it, we choose to produce a minimum working game. So we give us one month as a goal to accomplish it. This goal results in a last-minute sprint of a weekend at the end of that month.

What We Learn

As a team, we learn a lot from that experience. After many months of work, we manage to realize, in a single weekend, half of the work required for that minimal state. It’s great news because we saw that when we decide to work, we can make the project go forward at a pretty nice speed.

Now we will move to a new project, stronger by our first experience.