April Studio Report


  • We made minor changes to the back-end side. These changes may protect us from DDOS attacks and speed up the site worldwide.

The Panel

  • We accomplish a rush working session to finish the “minimum viable product” game state.
  • We stop the project “The Panel” more details here.

The Studio

  • We deploy new tools internally to work more efficiently and reduce our costs.
  • RP had decided to quit the studio. More details here.

The Panel DC

The Panel Director’s Cut is my new project, my version of the game. I want to complete The Panel video game by myself, starting all from the ground, only having the experience acquires by our last attempt.

Currently, it’s going well:

  • Assets are 60–70% complete.
  • Most of the puzzle elements are created and animated.
  • A new splash screen has been designed as a new game menu.
  • There is now a way to exit the game while playing! Yes, our last version was lacking this feature.

I may write an article on that adventure in the future.


This last month has taken much energy from us. We will have in late May a reunion to decide what new game we want to accomplish as a team. Most of the team will take the first section of the month off.