September Studio Report


  • We completely reworked the Games section. It contains now way more information, pictures, links and all of them are display nicely on the page. Game page, old vs new format
  • After we had teased it in the last month (see August Studio Report), we finally add to the website section, Unity Assets. By now working on Unity Assets, this will diversify our ability and products.
  • We add more pictures, icons and content to many website sections.

The Studio

  • For the studio side, this month was pretty calm. Felix and I (Alexandre) keep contacting each other on a daily base. Felix was having all his free time take on other projects, and I was working on the website and the game The Panel DC. We still have no news at all about our artists.

The Panel DC

  • The website and the Unity plugin (2D simple Grid) had taken must of my free time the last month and a half. So I achieved minimal improvement to the game lately.
  • I worked on the save system in the last week of September. This weekend I will accomplish the load menu section. Then the game persistence mechanism will be done.
  • I also take the time to list the last items that I need to perform to release the game. I still need to accomplish more than two dozens parts. So if I want to achieve the video game by the end of October or November, I will need to be more efficient and concentrate mainly on the video game project.


September's work was devoted to working on the website. The video game projects were still going well, and during October, I will put more work at trying to release The Panel DC.